Missing Classmates

Hello. Are you on the "Missing Classmates" list?  If you are wondering why you are listed as "missing", even though you have lived in Topeka since high school - just to explain - this list is generated by those people without e-mail addresses listed on the database maintained by the Topeka High School Historical Society.  If you have not contacted them directly to provide a new address, your information has not been updated. However, once you provide your profile information on this website, your name should be taken off the "missing" list and you will be forever documented as long as you keep the same e-mail address.  Do you know an e-mail address of someone else on this list?  Enter their e-mail on the link found on the right-hand side of the home page and they will be automatically notified.  Thank you for your help!

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Lisa Abel
DeAnn Adams
Kathleen Allen-Cooper
Phillip Anspaugh
Nancy Apps
Corey Baird
Vickie Barber
Patricia Beason
Troy Beckwith
Dori Benning
Debbie Beyer
Robert Bonjour
Deborah Borglund
Michael Brandenburgh
Charles Brockman
Mara Campmier
James Carter
Jolee Ceballos
Calvin Cobin
Terri Cook
Janet Coolidge
Claudia Cooper
Bernadette Dawes
Gene Day
Tina Deal
Catherine Demonchaux
Annette Eakes
Kimberly Eckert
Jon Eckhardt
Gary Eraas
Victor Escobar
Kevin Essman
James Evans
Steve Feagan
Tammy Forbes
Troy Frank
Dee Ann Fraser
John Fuller
Cora Fultz
Vicki Gardner
Michelle Garrett
Loireen Gassman
Kristi Gay
Candy Glenn
Miles Goodwin
Tracy Graf
John Grogson
Henry Gueary
Sharon Habersham
Sheilah Habersham
Mike Hardesty
William Harold
David Hastings
Toni Hawkins
Daniel Hernandez
Todd Hillrichs
Saranette Hollingsworth
Lori Hoover
Randy Horr
Timothy Houser
Mary Howes
Nels Huesers
Gus Huey
Anna Jester
Damita Johnson
Jane Johnson
Suzanne Knoettgen
Kathy Knouse
Louise Kuile
Lenora Lee
Todd Longstaff
Todd Love
Lisa Ludvicek
Koerosh Maccabi
Sarah Marshall
Sherilyn Martin
Davy Martinez
Jessie Mayfield
Kelly McAlexander
Marla McCabe
Jayson McCray
Tamara McMillon
Julie Ann Meiers
Ellen Miller
Pamela Mitchell
Connie Moon
David Neu
Greg Neugebauer
Shawn Newell
Anita Newton
Rodney Nickerson
Glenda Northington
Sylvia Ortiz
Tamara Overman
Tamie Patterson
Lisa Pennington
Tamara Pennington
Theresa Perez
Steve Perkins
Rob Perszyk
LaDeane Porter
Renae Price
Lori Puck
Brian Renfro
Anne Ringheim
Marge Rios
Brenda Roberts
Gina Robinson
Valentina Rocha
Chris Rojewski
Mohsen Rowhanirad
John Roy
Farhad Saddigh
Derrick Samuel
Patrick Sanchez
Greg Saunders
Bret Scheck
Jacqueline Schmidt
Troy Schuknecht
Joseph Shaw
Herbert Shook
Paul Slauson
Charlie Stearns
Scott Stephenson
Frank Stiff
Mark Stovall
Tim Suhr
Barry Sullivan
Helena Taylor
Kurtis Taylor
Antonette Tetuan
Lauri Thompson
Tamera Tippie
Sheila Towle
Daniel Vehige
Mats Victorian
Vera Villalobos
Donald Vines
Emily Walters
Jean Warren
Alonzo Watson
Suzanne Watson
Cheryl Wiese
Annette Wilkins
Bryan Williams
Eddie Williams
Lori Williams
Laurie Wolf
Lewis Wright
Sheritta Wright
Jared Young
Jo Ann Zeller

Guest Members

Bev Wunder